March 2014 – China Marketing Calendar

Giga Marketing publish monthly China Marketing Calendar, including various memorial days, historic dates, and campaigns, to help you planning marketing campaign strategies in China.

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Festivals and memorial days in March, 2014.

March 2nd, Sunday
Dragon Heads-raising Day (龙头节)
A Traditional Chinese festivals.
Praying rain and good harvests to dragons.

The Oscars 2014 – 86th Academy Awards (奥斯卡颁奖礼, US Local Time)
A Movie festival in Hollywood.
Very popular in China and huge media coverage.

March 3rd, Monday
Ear Care Day (全国爱耳日)
A national promotion day to taking good care of ears to prevent ear problems and diseases.
Started in 1998.

March 5th, Wednesday
Study Lei Feng Day (学雷锋日)
A day to study about Lei Feng, a hero in the People’s Liberation Army who died young in the line of duty.  He was known for helping citizens during his service in the army.
China Youth Volunteer Service Day (中国青年志愿者服务日) was established in memory of him.

March 6th, Thursday
The Waking of Insects (惊蛰)
A traditional Chinese season.
The third season in Chinese 24 seasons.

March 7th, Friday
Girls’ Day (女生节)
A popular festival among college students and internet communities derived from International Women’s Day.
Since International Women’s Day on 8th is a festival mainly for woking adult women, young girls celebrate Girls’ Day on a day before.

March 8th, Saturday
International Women’s Day (妇女节)
A festival to celebrate working women to commemorate a working women’s suffrage demonstration in United States in 1904.
United Nation set March 8th as Women’s Day in 1975.

March 9th, Sunday
Mother River Protection Day (保护母亲河日)
A day to promote importance of rives and surrounding natural environment to protect important rivers such as Yellow River, Yangtze River and other major rivers.
Started in 2008.

March 11th, Tuesday
Discovery of The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses (秦始皇兵马俑被发现)

March 12th, Wednesday
Arbor Day (植树节)
A national festival day to promote importance of forest resources started in 1979.
Tree planting events are held nationwide.

March 15th, Saturday
World Consumer Rights Day (国际消费者权益日)
An international awareness day for consumer rights.
China Central Television (CCTV) airs annual “3.15 Dinner Party” special TV program to report low quality products and bad services from famous brands.
International companies should be warned for possible accusation by local governments and mass media during this period of the year.

March 16th, Sunday
National Action Day for Taking Hans of Little Friends in Poverty
A national action day for children for mutual understanding between different living environments such as  cities and rural villages and rich and poor.

March 17th, Monday
Chinese Medicine Day (中国国医节)
A memorial day for the victory for protecting Chinese medicine.
In 1929, the government at the time had a plan deny traditional Chinese medicine and  only approve Western medicine instead.  Chinese medicine industry strongly oppose it and defend the Chinese medicine.

March 21st, Friday
Spring Equinox (春分)
A traditional Chinese season.
The fourth season in Chinese 24 seasons.

Instant Killing Day (秒杀节)
Since 3/21 (March 21st) looks like counting down 3 2 1, many online stores have special time sales on this day.

March 29th, Saturday
Earth Hour (地球一小时活动日)
An international action day started by WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) in 2007.
On the last Saturday in March every year, people turn off all the lights for one hour to show their support for stopping global warming.

March 31st, Monday
National Elementary-Junior High School Students Safety Education Day
A national promotion day to prevent various accidents and to promote healthy growth of children.
On Monday in the last week of March, fire drills and traffic safety seminars are held nationwide.