Giga Marketing is the marketing support service division of Sahao Group headquartered in Shanghai, China.

Sahao Group has been supporting International companies to establish their businesses in and international trades with China since 2003.
Our Shanghai and Tokyo offices have been helping our clients to import raw materials and supplies to their factories in China, and exporting finished goods to around the world.

As Chinese economies expanding, China has been changing it’s position from manufacturing base to market. To support our clients companies to be successful in this emerging market, We’ve founded Giga marketing to support from strategies to daily marketing operations.

Giga is the unit prefix to express billion often used in science and technologies. We use digital technologies to optimise our marketing support services to capture China’s billion people market.


Shanghai Sahao Business & Trade Development Co., Ltd.

Chairman Ms. Jieyan QIU
Born in Shanghai, China
Studied at Shanghai International Studies University (China) and Waseda University (Japan) for Bachelor’s degree.
Received MBA from Keio University Graduate School of Business (Japan)

President Mr. Yuichiro KOBA
Born in Kagoshima, Japan
Studied at Southern Illinois University (United States) for Bachelor’s degree.
Received MBA from Keio University Graduate School of Business (Japan)

Workd for DirecTV JAPAN, Yahoo! JAPAN, and ASKUL, the biggest office supplies online retailer in Japan.
Working in Shanghai since 2008 and Giga Marketing president since 2012.


Giga Marketing offices
Shanghai (Headquarter) : Meihua bldg. 507, 656 Xizang middle rd., Shanghai, China
Tel. +86 21-6350-3578

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Tokyo : 1-11-6 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Kagoshima : 4-11 Daikoku-cho, Kagoshima

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