Tmall / Taobao

Tmall/Taobao are the e-commerce platform with more than 50% share in China.
Started as a C2C e-commerce platform like eBay, Taobao became synonymous with e-commerce.
Tobao’s Alipay, an escrow service which freed both buyers and sellers from trading risks, became the largest online payment platform in China.


Unlike Taobao where individuals can open a store, Only companies with a retail business licence and distribution contract with brands can open a store on Tmall.
Tmall provides various consumer protection programs to avoid fake products and frauds, and to provide better shopping experience.

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Tmall store support service

Opening a store on Tmall is the first step to enter the China market.
We will provide one-stop service from opening a store to daily store operations and order fulfilment.

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Opening a store without retail business license

Companies opening a store on Tmall must have a retail business license which is issued only to entities in China.
By using our brand incubation program (BIP), international companies are able to open Tmall store without establishing entities in China which will give speed and flexibility to your marketing strategy for China market.
Since we operate the store under your instructions, we keep full controls of the store.

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