Marketing Strategy

China, a country of 1.3 billion people with rapidly growing consumer spending power, is an attracting new market for international brands.
At the same time, China’s vast land and income gap create great complexity in the market .
Discovering right market for your products and services and optimizing resource allocation are the keys for accelerating growth in Chinese market.

Market Research

Chinese economy had developed from a poor country to second largest country in just 30 years.
This fast paced growth had created huge economic gap between regions and between generations, and makes standard economic statistics useless for strategic decision making.
Giga helps you to develop hypothesis and conducting market research and analysis for your target customers.

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Target Customer Visualizations

Sharing common customer image with all the marketing staffs is a key for successful marketing activities in international companies, which members has various economic and cultural backgrounds.
Giga helps you to create “Marketing Personas”, visualized detail images of typical target customers by conducting surveys and depth interviews.

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Marketing Communication Strategy

Giga helps you to develop marketing communication strategy and detailed communication plan based on your target market and business strategy.
Based on Giga’s marketing campaign experiences, we will created hight ROI communication plan for your owned and social media, and traffic acquisition tools and campaigns.

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