Baidu Listing Ad

About Baidu(百度)

Baidu is the most popular search engine with 70% market share in China.
On the other hand, Google has only less than 10% market share.
Baidu’s advertising platform is flexible enough not only for big nation wide campaigns, but also for small campaigns with geographic targeting.
Baidu is the main traffic acquisition tool for your online campaigns.

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Baidu Listing Ad(百度推广)

Baidu Listing Ad is the Baidu equivalent of Google AdWords.
Advertisements are displayed at the top, bottom, and right side of search result page depending on the search keywords.
Since advertisements are displayed to mach with the search keywords, Baidu listing ad is one of the highest ROI traffic acquisition tools in online advertising.
International companies with no local entities in China also be able to use Baidu Listing Ad to attract Chinese consumers to their websites.

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Baidu Ad Network(百度网盟)

Advertisers can deliver their ads to more than 230,000 websites in 26 industries through Baidu Ad Network.
The Ads can be texts, banners, and animations to create best mix of brand communication.
Your ads will be displayed on various web pages throughout the Baidu’s ad network to maximize advertising ROI.

Since Baidu Ad Network is a “Cost Per Click” based advertising tool, you can start with a small budget.

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Other Baidu ad menus

Baidu has various advertising menu for all sizes of budget.
We will create best mix of ad menu based on your communication strategies.

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Other Advertising Media

We will arrange various advertising media, online and offline, based on your communication strategies.  Please contact us for media planning.

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